Insurance Requirements

All Subcontractors will be required to have the following insurance coverage:

Workmen’s Compensation & Employers Liability Insurance:

E.L. Each Accident $500,000.00             
E.L. Each Disease – EA Employee  $500,000.00
E.L. Disease Policy Limit $500,000.00


Comprehensive General Liability Insurance including Premises – Operations, Independent Contractors, Completed Operations – Products and Contractual Liability with the following minimum Limits of Liability:


Each Occurrence                                                  $1,000,000.00                      
Fire Damage (Any one person) $100,000.00
Medical Exp. (Any one person)  $5,000.00
Personal $ Adv. Injury  $1,000,000.00
General Aggregate   $3,000,000.00
Products – Comp/op Agg $3,000,000.00


Automobile Liability must be as follows:

Any Auto
Combined Single Limit: $1,000,000.00

Per Project Aggregate must be checked

The following entities must be written in as additional insured’s for this project:

Ho Brothers Development, LLC
HOB Homes, LLC

The Certificate shall state that the insurance may not be cancelled, substantially modified or allowed to lapse without at least 30 days prior written notice to Owner.

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