Lun Vo, Limited is composed of a group of Construction Professionals focused on Real Estate Development and Construction in Southeast China. It was founded by Ho Hei in the early 1950’s, and solely operated by the Ho Family since its inception.

The Ho Family first started in Guangdong, China, primarily working with the local Government to construct utility lines, roads and bridges, etc. A decade later, Lun Vo had expanded to Macau, a well developed Portuguese Colony Island in Southeast China. From that point forward, we broadened our Construction Development to include the commercial market. High-rise Condominiums, Hospitals, High Schools and Churches were our main focus. We were the first Builder in Macau to succeed in the extension of high-rise buildings beyond the tenth-floor by incorporating the modern elevator technology. Having established our reputation and success in Macau, we expanded our territory to Hong Kong, while is was still a British Colony Island.

Today, we continue to grow by acquiring and developing more properties in both Macau and Hong Kong. Our diverse portfolios encompasses millions of square feet of offices, condominiums, school systems and high raise commercial construction projects, and includes many of the distinguished properties in both Hong Kong and Macau.

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Macau was the first and also the last European colony in China.   It is geographically located in the Southeast Asia,  on the western side of the Pearl River Delta, bordering Guangdong province.  Macau features industries such as textiles, toys, tourism, and of course the most well known, gambling entertainment industry. Macau currently holds the title of  "Largest Casino of the World". The Venetian of Macau has over 3,000 rooms.



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